Mastering the Insorb Skin Closure Technique: Step-by-Step Guide

What is the Insorb Skin Closure Technique?

The Insorb technique utilizes absorbable subcuticular staples to create a secure and cosmetically pleasing closure within the dermis, the middle layer of the skin.

This method offers faster closure times, improved cosmetic outcomes, and reduced patient discomfort compared to traditional suturing.

Why Choose the Insorb Skin Closure Technique?

Here are some key benefits:

Faster closure times:

Saves operating room time and potentially reduces anesthesia exposure for patients.

Enhanced cosmesis:

Minimal to no surface scars due to subcuticular placement of staples.

Reduced patient discomfort:

No need for post-operative suture removal.

Uniform wound eversion:

May contribute to faster healing and reduced infection risk.

How do I perform the Insorb Skin Closure Technique?

Here’s a breakdown of the key steps:

Grasping and Elevating Tissue:

  • Use an Adson forceps to grasp 5mm of tissue at the wound peak or above a previous staple.

  • Gently lift the tissue to expose the area for stapling, maintaining a consistent 7mm gap between staples.

Aligning and Activating the Stapler:

  • While holding the tissue with forceps, position the stapler’s nose into the wound, aligning it with the forceps below the indicator arrow.

  • Apply steady pressure until you hear a click, indicating successful activation.

  • Lift the stapler straight up for removal.

Any Tips for Flawless Closure?

Absolutely! Here are some pro tips:

  • Maintain stapler parallelism: 

Avoid accidental misalignment by keeping the stapler parallel to the skin surface.

  • Verify staple depth: 

Ensure both blue triangles on the stapler are hidden under the skin for proper depth.

  • Adapt to tissue variations: 

In areas with uneven tension, slightly adjust the stapler sideways for optimal placement.

Consider final staple direction: 

Strategically alter the closure direction of the final staple to achieve balanced tension across the wound.

How Can I Further Develop My Skills?

Here are some ways to refine your Insorb technique:

  • Join the Insorb community: 

Connect with other surgical professionals for tips, tutorials, and expert insights.

  • Subscribe for updates: 

Stay informed about the latest advancements in surgical techniques and wound closure methods.

By embracing the Insorb technique and incorporating these tips, you can achieve faster closure times, superior cosmetic outcomes, and enhance patient comfort in your surgical practice.

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